Pi PoE Switch HAT - power over Ethernet for Raspberry Pi

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Pi PoE Switch HAT - power over Ethernet for Raspberry Pi
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A power over Ethernet (PoE) add on board (HAT) for your Raspberry Pi with power management. Reduce the clutter of cables with Pi PoE!

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Estimated Shipping Date: September 2015

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Pi PoE Stickers
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Pi PoE Switch
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Pi PoE Switch - TO GO Kit
TO GO KIT: This pledge level includes everything in THE POE SWITCH above, as well as a RASPBERRY ... more »

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Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
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Raspberry Pi Model A+
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Raspberry Pi Model B+
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microSD Card (Pre-configured) with Holder
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AC Power Supply
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48v PoE Injector with PSU
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Raspberry Pi To Go Kit
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Raspberry Pi To Go Kit - with PoE Injector
This includes a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, 5 volt power supply, 48v PoE Injector, 8GB Class 10 SD ca... more »

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If you have found this page after the end date (8pm UK time, 25th June 2015) then you will not be able to pledge via Kickstarter. However you can still get the Pi PoE Switch by visiting one of the following links:

Pi Supply Pre Order

BackerKit Pre Order

The PiPoE Switch will also likely be available in the future (once we have fulfilled all of the Kickstarter rewards and pre orders) via a number of distribution and retail partners. We will announce these as they come on board.

Make sure to keep an eye on our website at and the Kickstarter updates in the coming weeks and please visit our Twitter and Facebook pages and give us a like/share at and respectively.

Introducing...Pi PoE!

The Pi PoE Switch HAT is an add on board for the Raspberry Pi that brings the Pi Supply Switch technology together with PoE all in one fantastic package!

You can now power your Raspberry Pi and provide an Ethernet connection in any location with just a single cable. Perfect for removing the clutter of wires and for reliable use in remote locations.

Photo of Pi PoE connected to a Raspberry Pi Model 2B
Photo of Pi PoE connected to a Raspberry Pi Model 2B

The Pi Supply switch was our very first Kickstarter project which we launched way back in February 2013 and has been extremely popular with our customers. Since then we have had a number of requests to make all sorts of power management add ons for the Raspberry Pi, but the most intriguing of these was a power over ethernet (PoE) switch.

Pi PoE Features

PiPoE Features
PiPoE Features

We have been working very hard on all of the techincal features so that you don't have to!

Technical Specification

  • Fully 802.3af (mode A and B) compliant active power over Ethernet
  • Contains physical layer power negotiation circuitry, presenting itself as a Class 0 device
  • Fully isolated switched mode power supply (SMPS) - 1500V isolation input to output
  • Overload and short circuit protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • High efficiency (up to 87%) regulated output
  • Input voltage 36-56V, output voltage 5V, output current 10-1300mA, max output power 6.5W
  • Onboard ATtiny 13A microcontroller for power management functionality
  • Configurable on / off switch for intelligent power management
  • Leaves all unused GPIO free for use with other add on boards
  • Fully assembled board
  • Mounting hardware and short ethernet patch cable included

Pi PoE Projects 

With Pi PoE, you can create amazing projects like these :)

Pi PoE Wildlife Monitoring Project
Pi PoE Wildlife Monitoring Project
Raspberry Pi Webserver
Raspberry Pi Webserver
Raspberry Pi Surveillance Camera System
Raspberry Pi Surveillance Camera System
Raspberry Pi Media Centre
Raspberry Pi Media Centre

Software and Samples

Pi PoE is completely plug and play - there is no software required in order for Pi PoE to provide power and Ethernet directly to your Raspberry Pi and it will work straight out of the box.

We also have plans to introduce some useful scripts and guides in order for you to make use of the configurable on board button as well as harness the unused power of the ATtiny on board and these will probably be introduced as stretch goals in due course.

We have production ready prototypes (current version is v2.3) in hand which have been fully tested. Manufacture is ready to start as soon as this campaign is funded. You can see one of the assembled boards below:

Pi PoE Switch HAT Top
Pi PoE Switch HAT Top
Pi PoE Switch HAT Bottom
Pi PoE Switch HAT Bottom


We have been working on the Pi PoE Switch HAT for just over a year. It actually started life as a self assembly kit for the Model B Raspberry Pi which you can see below:

Pi PoE Model B Kit
Pi PoE Model B Kit

After a lot of work and the release of two new Raspberry Pi versions, we are delighted to bring this to you in HAT form, and fully assembled for ease of use. If you still have a Model B we also have a limited number of self assembly kits available for the original Model B Raspberry Pi.

Pledge Options 

PiPoE Pledge Options
PiPoE Pledge Options

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We want to say a big thank you for checking out our project, and your help in making it a reality. You're great :)  

We have some special Pi PoE stretch goals up our sleeves that we would just love to reach. So keep on sharing and we'll show you what we have in store!

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Meet The Team

The Pi Supply team is made up of Raspberry Pi geeks, entrepreneurs, students and designers. We are all excited about empowering people of all ages to learn and use the Raspberry Pi to expand their knowledge.... and have fun! :)

Here's the team whose helping to make Pi PoE a reality. 

Aaron Shaw - Project Leader

Aaron is the ideas man. He's worked incredibly hard over the last year to bring Pi PoE to where it is today. As the man behind Pi Supply, he's been designing and selling Raspberry Pi Add-ons for over 3 years.  Without Aaron, Pi PoE wouldn't exist!

Jurijs Jonass - Engineer

Jurijs the the guy who bought Pi PoE to life. Jurijs knows how to make LEDs flash, buzzers buzz, and chips do what they're supposed to. 

John Whiting - Marketing

John is the guy behind the coordination of this campaign and getting the word out about PaPiRus. He's been the decision maker on tasks aimed at helping to build awareness of the Kickstarter.

Antonio Mayor & Pable de la Cuevas - Photography and Video

Antonio and Pablo are the world class video team who made our wonderful Kickstarter video. They wrote the script, scouted filming locations, and shot and edited the video in a matter of days. 

Louis Reed - Graphic Design

Louis created all the fantastic graphics you see on this page, from project graphics to pledge tables. Oh, and the epic Pi PoE animation in the Kickstarter video!